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Collage of Life
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Again

Whew!  We finally made it home to our little Simbas (kitty cats) on Sunday around noon.  We arrived late Saturday night in Orlando and decided to spend the night there before driving another 2 hours in the dark.  We were tired aqnd ready for some rest.  Now I can review the last three weeks and look at some of the video and pictures we took.
I loved our adventure this year.  We did spend the last day in Africa on a morning game drive in Amboseli.  We saw more elephant families and the famous Hoopoe bird finally.  These birds are so unusual with wild colors of orange and black.  I hope we got a good picture, and I will share it with you. 
Our dinner in Nairobi with Felix and his wife, Janet, was at a restaurant called Carnivore and we really enjoyed their company and cuisine.  Here they keep bringing various BBQ meat to your table until you show them you are done by placing a flag on its side.  They bring skewed meats like lamb, pork ribs, chicken wings, croc tail, osterich meatballs, beef, and chicken livers.  I tried almost all except the chicken livers.
We talked about our itinerary and what we saw on our journey.  We promised to go back soon and maybe try to discover the southern region of Tanzania. 
I hope to post some pictures and video later this week, so check back to see the new pics.  I have enjoyed doing this blog and hope you have enjoyed reading it.  I have to say this has been great and who knows what the next adventure might be....maybe taking a boat ride down the Amazon River?
Bye for now.  Ellen

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