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Monday, April 18, 2011

Born Free

Our last night at the Serengeti Serena was very enjoyable.  There was a dance troupe of local tribal people who performed for the guests.  They can really put on a show!  The ladies can move better than any belly dancer or hula dancer!  The men can jump and do all kinds of acrobatic movements.  They were awesome!We sadly left our lodge in the Serengeti this morning.  We drove through the eastern end of the Serengeti and were very lucky again to see more lions.  We saw our first large pride of 12 lions lounging on large boulders on the plain.  There was no dominant adult male, but there were a few male lions beginning their mane growth.  The others were all moms and sisters and they were very beautiful in the wind, their tales and fur flying.  It reminded me of the song Born Free and the movie about Elsa the Lion. 
So our record for the number of lions seen in one day has been 13.  We have seen this number twice now.  Guess What?  We have exceeded our record in just one morning.  We came upon more lions after the pride of 12.  We found another pride of 8 with a full grown male and two more, a female and male on their honeymoon.  The pride of 8 was actually hunting.  They were scattered in the tall grass downwind of a small herd of gnus (wildebeests).  The lions were crouched just like house cats do and slowly moving toward the herd.  All of a sudden the herd began running and we knew the lions had begun their chase.  They ran away from our location, but you could see the herd running like crazy and 6 lions in hot pursuit!  Since we were getting farther away, we could not say if the lions had made a kill or not..and we were not that interested in seeing any actual killing, so the action itself was good enough for us.  So now our new record of the number of lions seen in one day is 22!  And they are all Born Free!
We arrived here at the NgoroNgoro Serena Lodge in time for lunch.  We are at a high elevation here...around 8000 feet.  We are on the rim of the collapsed volcano called a caldera.  The view from our room ( Number 36) is breathtaking.  We will spend the entire day tomorrow down in this caldera where there is the greatest number of animals per square mile than anywhere else in the world.  The elephants here have the longest tusks in the world, too.  There should be some black and white rhinos here also.  This lodge has to have the grandest vista and this place has to be one of the wonders of the natural world.  It is God's country and I love it here!  More tomorrow.....

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